Bhungamalaka Oil (භ්‍රුංගමාලක තෙල්)


Bhrungamalaka Oil is a revered herbal remedy known for its remarkable ability to prevent premature graying, hair loss, and baldness, making it a favored choice for those seeking to maintain healthy hair. Its nourishing properties are particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing postpartum hair loss, aiding in strengthening hair follicles and promoting regrowth. Noteworthy for its dandruff-fighting capabilities, this oil effectively moisturizes the scalp, alleviating itchiness and flaking. Beyond hair-related benefits, Bhrungamalaka Oil is believed to offer holistic wellness advantages by preventing ailments like headaches, lack of concentration, sneezing, and eye inflammation. Overall, this oil serves as a versatile solution for hair care and overall well-being.

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Prevents premature graying and hair loss as well as baldness and hair loss after childbirth. Eliminates dandruff. Prevents all diseases such as headaches, lack of concentration, frequent sneezing, eye inflammation.

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30ml, 180ml


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