The Bowatte Medical Centre is one of the most prominently entrenched Ayurvedic institutions in Sri Lanka and its headquarters is prominently established on the Kandy - Colombo Street. Under the supreme guidance and management of Dr. Kosala Bowatte along with a dedicated staff of about 70 employees, the Centre is inclusive of an Ayurveda medicine production factory, a sales enterprise and a production distribution unit. The organization collectively maintains three enterprises.

  • Bowatte Medical Centre (Private) Limited
  • Bowatte Ayurvedic production factory (Private ) Limited
  • Bernard Health Care (Private) Limited

Established in 1914

Born to a rural upper class pious family, Dr. R.M.H.B. Bowatte (grandfather to the current Managing Director - Dr. Kosala Bowatte), had interest in Ayurveda medicine since his childhood. Completing his education in this field, he established a small scale Medical Centre at the Sir Benet Zoysa Street (present Colombo Street) in the year 1914. Upon his demise his son, Dr. R.M.A.B.Bowatte followed in his footsteps expanding the practice. Preserving ancient traditional methodologies of the ayurvedic medicine Dr. Bowatte, often treated patience free of charge and was involved as a prominent member in implementing social change.

Currently, Dr. Kosala Bowatte produces ayurvedic medicine with the assistance provided by his father and inculcating advanced methods of technology which had contributed in expanding their practice and business enterprises.


To be a leading strength in preserving the traditional ayurvedic medical practices and contribute towards a healthy society.


A socially accountable and sustainable entity that strives to maintain traditional methodologies of the indigenous form of medical practice, generating positive change and providing solutions with priority to health and wellness focusing on a balance between body, mind and soul.

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